3-year-old attacked by coyote in front yard

SNOQUALMIE, Wash. (KIRO) -- A 3-year-old girl was outside with her dad while he decorated their home for Christmas when she was attacked by a coyote.

Doug Lucas said he was putting up Christmas lights last Thursday when he spotted a coyote walking along the streets in the neighborhood.

According to CBS affiliate KIRO Lucas scared it off, but it came back when he wasn't looking.

He said the next thing he knew, the coyote had pounced on his daughter and attacked.

"I immediately reacted,” Lucas said. “Jumped off the ladder. The animal ran off and I chased it away."

Lucas snapped a picture of his daughter. In the photo, you can see where the coyote pierced her skin. Lucas thinks it clawed her, because her coat was torn up.

Sightings are pretty common in the area where the Lucas' live. But this is the first time he's come across a coyote.

However, sightings in their general area are up. Police said they've had 10 reports of coyotes since Friday.

Normally, attacks on humans are rare for coyotes. Police in Snoqualmie think someone is feeding the coyotes, making them less skittish around people.