Appalachian Bear Rescue: Otto and Summitt update

Appalachian Bear Rescue

SEVIERVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) -- The Appalachian Bear Rescue offered some updates on two young bears they had recently rescued named Otto and Summitt Thursday afternoon and Friday.

According to the bear rescue, Otto, the cub, is outgrowing his pen in the Cub Nursery. He learned to climb successfully, and he is in need of more space to develop. He does have toys to play with in his pen

He has logs to play with and needs to stay in the pens for his safety. Curator Coy believes Otto will be able to move to The Cub House soon.

Summitt, a yearling at nearly 15 months old, is growing and enjoys climbing trees, and as he matures, he wants to be left alone. He is climbing, hiding and foraging. These are all signs of wild bear behavior. The employees at ABR feed and watch him, but otherwise, they stay out of Summitt's way.

Handlers said Summitt isn't as prone to bonding with humans as Otto. He's lived in the wild for most of his life, and he treats the handlers and helpers with a wary tolerance.