American flag left standing among flooded wreckage

ROANE COUNTY, Tenn. (WVLT) -- A place nearly 70 veterans called a second home was flooded after Tuesday's rain. The Kingston American Legion Post 110 in Roane County was under around four feet of water.

Members told Local 8 News parts of history were destroyed and can't be replaced. They also said despite all of the damage, one of the most important things in the building stood strong.

"Huge appliances, big couches and cabinetry was floating around everywhere, but our flag stayed in its place. That says something to me, that our nation is strong, that its veterans are strong and our flag means something," said Sam Cox, American Legion Chaplain.

Instead of spending the day with their families or being part of a parade, the veterans who are a part of the Kingston American Legion Post 110 will be getting their hands dirty on Veterans Day.

"If we were going to do something for Veterans Day, we certainly can't now," said Cox. "This Saturday we're going to have a clean up day, so that will be our Veterans day celebration, cleaning up after this mess."

On Friday, Service Master in Roane County, a cleaning and construction company, decided to lend a hand and get Post 110 cleaned up and back to the way is was—all for free.

"I told them that we would be honored to come in and donate our time and have it in memory and honor of my dad, who served in World War II," said Ronnie Sitzler, Owner of Service Master.