Anonymous app may promote bullying

(WKYT) -- One school district claims that an app called After School could be promoting bullying among children.

The app, which allows kids to post anonymously, is one of thousands. According to the app's website, the app is supposed to give kids a safe space to talk about whatever they fear. However, some parents and school leaders believe it may do the exact opposite and open children up to malicious behavior.

One parent said the app was used to bully her daughter after someone asked about her daughter's sexuality on the app. "She didn't understand why all of a sudden they were asking her that," Teresa Sloan said.

School officials stepped in after that incident and informed parents about the app through email and urged parents to ask kids to delete After School.

"People are already very brave behind their screens so once you add the option of anonymity, words can become very fierce," said the principal at Port Clinton Middle School, Carrie Sanchez.

The communications manager of After School said, "There is a zero tolerance policy for bullying. Students can and are encouraged to remove posts that violate that policy. Posts are also monitored by moderators. Any violators may be banned and blocked from the app."

The spokesperson went on to say that the comments found on After School were 99 percent positive. However, it is recommended that parents have a serious discussion with their children about these types of apps to keep children safe.