Asheville woman rescues baby squirrels from car engine nest

ASHEVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) -- An Asheville woman found a scurry of four baby squirrels under the hood of her truck after hearing a noise coming from the vehicle's engine.

Photos courtesy of Brie Karr.

Brie Karr told Local 8 News she found the babies, healthy and loud, in a nest built into the engine of her truck.

Karr said she had previously rescued stray kittens whose mother had apparently abandoned them—and she now believes those cats are responsible for the death of the baby squirrels' mother.

Karr added she had cleaned the fleas off of the squirrels and placed them in a warm aquarium.

"I'm not even mad at the mom for chewing my wire," she said. "That's what I pay insurance for! Life over material things!"

Karr said she plans to rehabilitate the young animals before releasing them back onto her property at about eight months of age.

She said she named two of the four squirrels Elvis and Scrat, but that she needs names for the other two.