Blind pup and his best bud find forever family

Photos courtesy of Young-Williams Animal Center

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) -- What happens when a guide dog is needed...for another dog?

Chopper, an 8-year-old dog at Young-Williams Animal Center, is blind. However, that hasn't stopped him from getting around, and making friends in the process.

Crowley, a younger 4-year-old pup, has excellent eyesight and an even more tremendous heart. Crowley partnered up with his good friend Chopper to become a guide to wherever he needs to go.

According to Young-Williams, Chopper became Crowley's best friend, giving up a steady stream of love and support while the two canines look for their forever homes. The pair have been at the animal center since early November, and they've bonded. Young-Williams said the two should be adopted together, and, as of December 15, they have.

Young-Williams posted on their Facebook page that the two are finally going home.

For more information about Young-Williams, or if you are interested in adopting Chopper and Crowley, visit the Young-Williams Animal Center website.