CDC: Contaminated raw milk could make people sick

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(CBS) -- The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention released a warning to consumers who drank raw milk in the past six months.

"People who bought and drank raw milk from a company called Udder Milk may have been infected with a rare but potential serious germ called Brucella abortus RB51," the CDC said Tuesday.

The warning applies to those who may have consumed the drink in Connecticut, New Jersey, New York or Rhode Island in the past six months.

The CDC first learned of the contamination in September, when a New Jersey woman became ill after drinking the milk. In late October, her illness was confirmed to be caused by the bacteria.

CBS News reports Udder Milk has not reported which farms provide its milk, making pinpointing the exact source of the bacteria difficult.

"Until more information is available about which farms may be supplying contaminated milk or until officials can test milk from the farms, CDC recommends that anyone who drank raw milk or consumed raw milk products from Udder Milk in the past six months visit their doctor for antibiotics to prevent illness," The CDC said in a statement. "Information suggests that the company delivers milk in Connecticut, New Jersey, New York and Rhode Island."