Chapman University releases survey of America's Top Fears of 2016

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) -- What is your biggest fear?

Chapman University released a survey of America's top fears in 2016.

The Chapman University Survey of American Fears Wave 3 asked 1,511 adults from across the country about 79 different fears ranging from personal anxieties, technology, disasters, the government, and crime.

The Top 10 Fears of 2016, according to the Chapman University study are listed below:

1. Corrupt government officials at 60.6%
2. Terrorist attack at 41%
3. Not having enough money for the future at 39.9%
4. Terrorism at 38.5%
5. Government restrictions on firearms and ammunition at 38.5%
6. People I love dying at 38.1%
7. Economic/financial collapse at 37.5%
8. Identity theft at 37.1%
9. People I love becoming seriously ill at 35.9%
10. The Affordable Care Act at 35.5%

The Top Ten Fears of 2016