City of Knoxville: Red light cameras operating normally at intersection

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KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) - Even if drivers don't feel like they have enough time to get through a big intersection, the city of Knoxville engineers who manage those traffic lights and red light cameras say it's a reasonable, standardized amount of time.

Some of those cameras appeared to be malfunctioning, sending out extra flashes at odd times at the intersection of Clinton Highway and Callahan/Schaad roads.

Local 8 News reached out to the city, the police department and even the company contracted to run the cameras. They all said it is business as usual at that intersection, with no formal complaints or big maintenance issues reported.

"The most recent work order was Dec. 17, and that was due to a power outage," traffic engineer Zach Roberts said.

Roberts added that city engineers manage timing at intersections, but it is based on best practices for traffic safety and not intended to trap anyone.

"By law, the Tennessee code says that anywhere we have camera enforcement we are bound to a 4-second yellow time to avoid shortening the yellow time to trap people into getting a ticket," Roberts said.

American Traffic Solutions said it appears the cameras at that intersection are working fine. However, a spokesman for ATS said a malfunctioning strobe at some point could give drivers the false impression that a camera is taking more pictures that it actually is.

Here is a list of all the city's red light camera locations.