Deputies chase calf down Henry Co. highway

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PARIS, Tenn. (WVLT) - Freedom was short lived for a rogue calf spotted running down Highway 79 in Henry County.

Sheriff Monte Belew posted video of the capture on his public Facebook page.

The calf is seen casually trotting down the middle of the highway, periodically glancing behind as patrol cars followed.

A man identified as David Bevill mounted himself on the hood of the sheriff's patrol car with lasso in hand.

Sheriff Belew narrates the video, "Alright folks I've got David Bevill on the front of my patrol car, we got a calf out in the middle of the highway, we're fixing to rope him right here."

Bevill gets his rope ready, and lands it around the calf's neck in one try, eliciting sheer elation from the sheriff.

"We just roped him, we just got him! We just got him! Bevill, tie him to front of my car," Sheriff Belew said.

The video has been shared nearly 10,000 times since the sheriff posted it to Facebook Tuesday morning.