Donation worth $1,250 left anonymously in Salvation Army red kettle

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ONTARIO, Oregon (WTVF/WVLT) -- A Salvation Army bell-ringer in Oregon found a extra special donation placed in a red kettle on Monday, CBS affiliate WTVF reports.

A one-ounce bar of gold, valued at more than $1,250, was nestled among dollars and coins in the red kettle placed at a Walmart in Ontario, Oregon.

“In recent years, the Salvation Army has received gold coins and jewelry in their Red Kettles, but a gold bar is little different,” said Major Robyn Bridgeo, Corps Officer of The Salvation Army.

The bar was about the size of a domino, and was in a protective case that had been marked and stamped.

“I've seen a lot of strange things dropped in the kettle over the years, but this is awesome,” Bridgeo said. “This generous gift is a true reflection of the hearts of the people here in Treasure Valley.”

The red kettle campaign winds to a close this weekend on Dec. 23, and the Knoxville branch of the organization released a statement saying they need more people to volunteer as bell-ringers.

In Knoxville, there's about 70 red kettle locations, but the organization lacks the manpower to staff about 35-40 of the locations. Anyone who wants to volunteer is asked to reach out to the Salvation Army at 865-971-4937.