Group releases 'Nashville Statement'; Mayor clarifies title

Cropped Photo: MGN/ Kaldari / Wikipedia

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WTVF) -- A statement made by the Council on Biblical Manhood and Womanhood (CBMW) has been named "The Nashville Statement," but Mayor Megan Barry said the city did not stand by the statement.

On August 29, the council released the statement about "biblical sexuality," saying marriage was designed by God for one man and one woman.

The statement consists of 14 affirmations and denials the group interprets the Bible to say about human sexuality and marriage.

The statement comes after a CBMW meeting of evangelical leaders on August 25 hosted by the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission's national conference.

According to WTVF, The Nashville Statement was released 30 years after CBMW published the Danvers Statement of 1987 -- the organization's founding document.

"The spirit of our age does not delight in God's good design of male and female. Consequently, confusion reigns over some of the most basic questions of our humanity," Denny Burk, president of CBMW, told WTVF. "The aim of The Nashville Statement is to shine a light into the darkness – to declare the goodness of God's design in our sexuality and in creating us as male and female."

CBMW's co-founder John Piper said, "The Nashville Statement is a Christian manifesto concerning issues of human sexuality. It speaks with forthright clarity, biblical conviction, gospel compassion, cultural relevance, and practical helpfulness. It will prove to be, I believe, enormously helpful for thousands of pastors and leaders hoping to give wise, biblical, and gracious guidance to their people."

Nashville Mayor Megan Barry spoke out against the statement Tuesday, in an attempt to clear up any confusion caused by the title. She said the statement did not come from any Metro Nashville office and did not express the beliefs of the city as a whole.