How to sew on a button

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One of the essential skills everyone needs is knowing how to sew on a button. This can save you money as well as time.

You'll need to have on hand:
Extra buttons
Toothpick or straight pin

Basics of sewing on a button:
Thread your needle, double the thread, and knot the end.
Stitch three times in the location where you will want your button, to anchor your thread.
Place the flat button in place, and stitch up through one hole.
Place a toothpick or straight pin across the center of the button, and stitch across it three to four times, from one hole in the button to the other, from front to back of your fabric and back again.
Repeat with the other two holes of your button.
Remove the toothpick or straight pin.
Stitch from the back side of the fabric to the spot between the fabric and button, and wind the thread around three times to create a shank.
Stitch to secure the shank, then stitch to the back, stitching three times in place to secure the thread before cutting it.