Impact Scholarship making a big difference for UT students with Volunteer Spirit

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KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) - The Beardsley Community Farm is known for growing all sorts of fruits and veggies. It's a scholarship at UT though that is helping students grow as they move towards graduation in their chosen career field.

Chelsea Belcher loves her internship at the community farm.

The environmental soil science student from UT loves sharing the fruits of her labor.When she's not working in the fields of this community farm, she stays busy earning money for school and living expenses.

"House cleaning, landscaping, waitresing, and then I work at the UT organic farm. So that's four," says Belcher as she laughs.

Most of those jobs keep her busy in the mornings; the same time she needs to be at the farm.

"That's what I want to do. This is me going into my senior year. This is pretty much what I need to learn out in the field versus being in a classroom," says Belcher.

Chelsea was able to do all of this work and the learning that comes from it thanks to some generous donations of volunteer spirit that created the impact scholarship.

"Huge. I mean realistically it would have been really difficult for me to do the internship without me having a scholarship because it wasn't paid until I got the scholarship," says says Belcher. "So if this hadn't been paid I would have been struggling."

One thousand dollars coming from a grant at the University of Tennessee and from donors who wanted to help students like Chelsea graduate and learn skills needed in their career.

"Just thank you so much. It really made a difference in my life. It will really help my future and me progress towards my degree," says Belcher.

A degree earned from the sweat of the brow and a little Volunteer Spirit.

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