Insurance claims for Gatlinburg wildfire victims

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) -- Homeowners and property owners affected by the Gatlinburg wildfires got help with insurance Thursday evening at Rocky Top Sports World.

Local lawmakers supported the discussion. People got to ask information and even file claimed related to the fire.

"The problem is it's overwhelming and there's too much paperwork and it's needs to be streamlined to where we can actually have a life and get back to something normal, we have no normal right now," said Kelli McCarter, a resident in Gatlinburg whose home and business were destroyed in the fire.

State officials told Local 8 News that there is a lot of work to get done but they hope seminars like what they hosted will make it easier.

"We really want to serve as that mediator role," said Michael Humphreys, Assistant Commissioner for Insurance for State of Tennessee Department of Commerce and Insurance. "We can connect them to the insurance company that they're having concerns about and make sure their questions have been answered and make sure that they've been treated fairly."