Keeping the Faith: Menorah Madness

Knoxville, Tennessee The traditional lighting of the Menorah began December 25th coinciding with Christmas in 2016.

It's history dates back to when the Jewish temple was rededicated and a miracle took place 160 before Christ was born.

With just enough oil left to light a lamp for one day, instead it lasted for 8 days.

Now centuries later, the lighting of the Menorah has taken on a life of it's own around the country and in East Tennessee calling it Menorah Madness. It's looked upon as a polite and fun way for Jews and even Christians to get a better understanding of its function and meaning.

Recently a Menorah of ice was lit on the ice of the Market Square skating rink.

"The main thing today, its not just in Judaism but all religions this is a younger crowd, and the lesson I get is
from apple.

Apple doesn't guilt anyone into getting an I-phone, they make it exciting they make you want to buy it and whatever in our case it's Judaism is what I'm marketing for the Jews and I want to make it as exciting for the children, for the young adults, the families for the older people", said Rabbi Yossi Wilhelm.

That includes serving Latkes and jelly donuts. It's all about reaching out to mankind.

"You can look at the world as a jungle with some pockets of good here and there or you can look at it as the garden of god there maybe some weed that we can take out but it's through acts of kindness that we can turn this garden into a beautiful orchard"

It's a miracle still lit in the hearts of Jews today.