Knox County School administrators clear up Parent Portal problems

Courtesy: MGN Online
Job portal to be taken offline (Courtesy: MGN Online)

Many Knox County parents say they've had trouble getting into the school's online system.

The Parent Portal allows parents access to their student's grades, schedule and teacher information. With less than a week from classes started some parents were having issues logging in.

"We have had a quite high volume of calls. The system has not been down, there's a couple of changes. One, each school chose the day they published their schedule. That created some confusion. If they (parents) had one student in one building and one student and another they thought they had something wrong," said Gail Byard, Chief Technology Officer.

For parents having issues with their log-in information, Byard suggests to try entering the login email in both upper and lowercase.

Parents should have received a sheet in Spring with their log in information on that. Byard said they're working to find a way to send out that information electronically.

About 150,000 people are using the system. Byard says this is the first year elementary parents are included.

"We think it's going to be a win in the long run but right now there are some issues with passwords and we're working to get past that....I hope people will be patient with us and know that as schools are having their meet-the-teacher night and distributing information we're not going to leave anybody out. We're going to get that information to the parents."