Knoxville Mercury says "goodbye" to Knoxville

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) -- On Wednesday, the Knoxville Mercury announced they would publish their last regular issue on July 20.

The publication announced in an editorial post to its website that the reason for its closing was a lack of money raised by advertisers, readers and large donors.

The publication has been active in Knoxville and across East Tennessee for more than two years, publishing 108 issues during that time.

The publication's announcement detailed that when the Mercury emerged after the Metro Pulse was closed by its owner, E.W. Scripps, in 2014, publishers had hoped advertising partners would continue to work with the new brand.

"That alone would've covered all of our expenses to publish the paper with our micro-sized staff. But by the time we were able to launch the Mercury some six months later, the market had moved on—many business owners see print advertising as simply outdated compared to social media platforms," the article reads. "While we were able to enlist a number of long-term and short-term advertisers, we just couldn't find enough of them."

"Nobody said that devising a new business model for journalism was going to be easy," the editorial post reads. "And it wasn't. But we tried our best."

"We thank all of you who stood by us—freelancers, readers, advertisers, donors, online sharers and commenters, letter-writers, and interview subjects. It was a grand endeavor."

The Knoxville Mercury had recently formed a partnership with Local 8 News.