Little Ponderosa Zoo pays tribute to animals lost in fire with video

CLINTON, Tenn. (WVLT) -- Little Ponderosa Zoo and Rescue has released a video of the animal's killed in Monday's blaze.

The main barn was a total loss after an electrical problem sparked flames that tore through the entire building. Most of the animals did not survive the tragedy.

Among those animals are two monkeys featured on the zoo's website: Mikey and George.

According to Little Ponderosa Zoo, Mikey came into their care after his owner took him out into public, drawing the attention of animal control. His owner agreed to give him up, and he lived at the zoo until his death Monday.

The other monkey, George, was found in a house with a meth lab. Little Ponderosa said that police found him living in a tiny cage with no room to move around at all. When George first came to the zoo, he was very aggressive. Caretakers worked to improve his behavior, correcting what they believed was the result of being mistreated by his previous owners.

Two more monkeys who died in the fire have been identified as Priscilla and Nikki.

Some of the other animals lost include a ringtail lemur named Boo; six parrots, Sophie, Zack, Hector, Malibu, Sam and Alex; and four foxes, Sahara, Foxy, Olaf and Lily.