Loudon police officers help couple complete 'mission for love'

LOUDON, Tenn. (WVLT) -- Loudon police officer Scott Newman helped a former Lenoir City fireman propose to his girlfriend Friday, recording the entire experience on Facebook Live.

Photo courtesy of Scott Newman

"This is live PD," the video began. "We're on a mission—a mission for love," Newman said.

The "mission" began when Officer Newman's friend asked for a favor from the Loudon Police Department—he needed to devise a scheme to ask his girlfriend to marry him.

The officers picked a time to conduct the proposal, and they met the couple in a parking lot to make it happen Friday evening.

The Facebook Live video documents officers pretending to arrest the former fireman while his emotional girlfriend looks on.

"I told her, 'It's okay, he can bond out,'" Newman told Local 8 News. "I felt kind of bad, she was really emotional."

Officer Newman pretended to search the "suspect," saying, "He said he didn't have anything on him. Do you not know what he's got on him?"

Newman produced the ring, at which point the man "in custody" asked his girlfriend to marry him.

"Oh, thank God," she responded, hugging her now-fiancé.

"They were so excited," Newman said.