Made in Tenn: Tomboy Organic Skincare

Deer Lodge, Tennessee Melissa Kreis-Stephens says her country roots taught her a thing or two about nature and natural and holistic products.

With that knowledge she created her own line of organic skincare products known as Tomboy.

Her first creation was a remedy for Poison Ivy.

"What's it got in it? Well, chemically it's got something to reduce the inflammation.You don't want to tell
what that is? I'm not going to tell you what it is, " said Stephens.

Don't let Melissa fool you she's had numerous tests run on it and says it's been incredibly effective.

That jump started a cream for sore muscles another for scars and stretch marks.

Out of that grew an organic concealer along with a facial scrub and firming cleanser

Tomboy has become incorporated and Melissa still operates out of her house from their little cabin in the woods.