Made in Tennessee: The Sphidget

KODAK, Tenn. (WVLT) -- Are you a doodler? Do you twiddle your pencil? As Local 8 News Anchor Alan Williams found out one East Tennessee man ramped it up a notch creating a doodling device called the Sphidget.

Whether it's through boredom or a way to work through your problems, we all have our own way of diverting our attention now and then.

An East Tennessee man working out of his own garage created a device called the Sphidget.

Inventor Michael Sayers called it a combination of fidget and spheres.

This mechanical engineer for Knoxville's Radio Systems says it all began from a kickstarter campaign. Now he's sold hundreds all around the world.

It's a man with a dream, in a garage who likes to doodle and fidget, now likes to sphidget.