Our Town visits Smoky Mountain Scottish Festival & Games

MARYVILLE, Tenn .(WVLT) -- Music, Fun and games, just a few things you and your family can find this weekend at the Smoky Mountain Festival and games at Maryville college. This week on Our Town, Mark and Lauren traveled to Blount County to take part in training with athletes for Highland games, and the group that provides the soundtrack for the festival.

A festival originally started in Gatlinburg in 1981, the Smoky Mountain Scottish Festival and Games celebrated its seventh year at Maryville college and was not only a way to experience music, food and athletes in action, but also a way to get in touch with one's heritage and possibly even discover it.

Adding a little friendly competition to the games are athletes from all over, here to compete in challenges like the Hammer Throw, Caber and Sheaf Toss and the Stone Put. All in good fun, the men trained for months to ensure a fun and helping games.