Pinspiration: Solar Eclipse DIY shirts

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT)- The total solar eclipse is coming up on August 21. Thousands are headed to East Tennessee to get a glimpse. If you're headed that way, these are some inexpensive and fun t-shirts to make to get ready.

What you need

Black t-shirt
Fabric paint in red, yellow and white (you can mix red and yellow to make orange)
Sponge brushes
Paper plate dinner size
Piece of cardboard and t-shirt form


Start by placing the cardboard form inside the shirt. This will keep the paint from bleeding through.

Next place the paper plate upside down in the middle of the shirt. This will be your template.

If you want to add stars, I suggest you do this before you paint the eclipse. Take a paint brush and splatter small amounts of paint to create dots.

Start with red and paint about 2 inches out from the plate, all the way around. Let dry. Follow with orange and paint about 1 inch. Let dry. Follow with yellow and paint 1/2 inch. Let dry.

Remove the plate. Take the white paint and paint a fine line of white around the circle.

Let it dry overnight and it'll be ready to wear!