Preventing forest fires in East Tennessee

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT)- Since it is so dry in East Tennessee, state forestry officials are warning you to be careful when lighting campfires or bonfires.

You should check with your local forestry office to see if your county is issuing burn permits. In Knox county those permits would come from the local air pollution office.

"If they're not issuing permits, just don't burn. It's just really dry right now. If the wind gets up and it gets out, keep in mind that you're liable for your fire if it gets out and burns somebody's house or hurts somebody," said Nathan Waters, Assistant District Forester.

If you do have a permit, a few safety tips to keep in mind are:
Stay with the fire
Have tools and water nearby to control the fire
Burn smaller piles
Never burn next to woods

You can find a more safety tips at Burn Safe TN.