Puppy too friendly for police force gets new job

Photo courtesy of Governor of Queensland / WKRG

QUEENSLAND, Australia (WKRG) -- One puppy dropped out of the police academy, but found solace in a new job.

Gavel, a German shepherd in Queensland, Australia, was ruled unfit to work on the front line because he was too sociable.

Gavel was so deteremined serve his country, however, that he ended up with a new job that is a much better fit. Now, Gavel is the vice-regal dog for the Governor of Queensland. He was given the title officially in February.

Here is the latest from Gavel, found on the Governor of Queensland's Facebook page:

Gavel's duties include attending government functions and welcoming guests to the Governor's house. He also got his own ceremonial coat bearing the state's coat of arms.

Despite not being the best fit for the police, he is the best fit for his owner.