Sarah Jane Cobb dances for 'Hawk' in Horse Haven fundraiser

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KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) - Local 8 News Reporter Sarah Jane Cobb started practicing Tuesday night for Horse Haven of Tennessee's annual fundraiser, Dancing for the Horses.

This year, she's raising money for the organization and trying to help adopt out one of its horses, Hawk. Sarah Jane and her partner, a professional dancer from Go Dance, began choreographing their routine in preparation for the May 19 event. Dancing for the Horses benefits Tennessee's only non-profit equine rescue.

In addition to raising money and preparing a dance routine, Sarah Jane and her fellow dancers are each working to adopt out a Horse Haven horse. Sarah Jane is spreading "Hawk's" message, hoping to help him find his forever home.

Hawk came with another horse named "Pi" from Monroe County. Hillary Raubach at Horse Haven said the two find comfort in one another as they rehabilitate.

"Although they weren't born from the same mother mare, they are brothers in life and they are going through rehabilitation at Horse Haven together," said Raubach. "We see that they feel safe when they're together and that only helps benefit the healing process."

Hawk's owners were cited for animal neglect and surrendered him. He was severely emaciated, and Horse Haven now is working with Hawk to help him regain weight and his health. Volunteers describe him as gentle, kind and patient.

Eight other local celebrities and members of the community will compete with professional dancers alongside Sarah Jane. Raubach said the horses to feature came along with the personalities of their paired celebrity.

"Each of those dancers are paired also with an adoptable horse at Horse Haven. These horses were chosen by their story and by their personalities. We had incredible people step up as celebrity dancers. What we knew about them, we matched up with the horses we had here," said Raubach.

Local 8 News Anchor Amanda Hara will serve as Master of Ceremonies for the event, held at Bridgewater Place in Knoxville.

Sarah Jane invites you to support her fundraising efforts or learn more about Hawk and the mission of Horse Haven of Tennessee.

You can also donate by going to Chick-Fil-A Saturday, April 21, before the Orange and White Game. Sarah Jane will be there, where she worked in high school, collecting tips, taking trash and refilling drinks.

May 9, Bearden Beer Market is holding a pint night for Sarah Jane's efforts. One dollar of every pint sold will go to her campaign.

Sarah Jane's sister, Elizabeth Anderson, agreed to do spray tans before the Dancing for the Horses event. Thursday, May 17, come to Clementine Salon in Rocky Hill for a spray tan - all proceeds will go towards Horse Haven of Tennessee.