Severe Weather Awareness Week

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KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) -- I wanted to highlight the importance of Severe Weather Awareness Week. Some of the big topics that are covered in detail online are tornadoes, thunderstorms, derechos, hail, floods, and lightning.

It’s all about understanding what we deal with in this part of the country, and how to prepare.

March, April, and May are the most active severe weather months in Tennessee.

No matter the type of severe weather, preparedness is extremely important. Ahead of a storm, you want to make sure you regularly keep up with the latest forecast. Before the threat for severe weather moves in, you’ll want to have a kit ready.

Basic supplies to last at least 3 days:
- Gallon or bottled water
- Non-perishable food
- Battery or hand-crank powered weather radio
- Flashlight, batteries
- First aid kit
- Cell phone charger
Plus think about your family. Pets, kids, large families will want to have more customized supplies.

When the severe weather moves in, you’ll want to still stay informed. That’s why the weather radio is very important, along with a way to charge your phone in case you’re using it for the app or to watch WVLT’s live stream.