Sister of shooting suspect and victim: "He just snapped"

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LENOIR CITY, Tenn. (WVLT) -- A day after a deadly shooting in Loudon County, the sister of the shooting suspect and victim described her conversation with her brother before the shooting.

28-year-old Colby Cannon is facing two murder charges in the shooting deaths of his sister Taylor Creamer and his fiancée Bethany McKenzie. Cannon and Creamer's sister Sarah Cannon said her brother has had a history of anger issues and consistently fought with his fiancée.

"He knew what he did was wrong," said Cannon. "It's just a battle of emotions, I really don't know what to feel."

During a phone with her brother Colby about half an hour before the shooting, Cannon said she knew something was wrong.

"He was telling me how stressed he was and everything was on him, and he couldn't handle it, and I said, 'you know' just go somewhere and calm down,' but it was at 3:33 he told me, 'hey let me call you back, and he hung up, and that's the last thing I heard from him," said Cannon.

The Loudon County Sheriff's Office said Colby had gotten into a fight with his fiancée in the car and dropped her off on the side of the road. Taylor then went to pick her up and take her back home to Colby's house. That's when investigators said he started shooting.

"My first thought was, you can kill two mothers or your sister, but you can't hurt yourself, so that's what was going through my mind. It was all anger, but when I calmed down, I felt that he knew what he did was wrong," said Cannon.

Sarah said if she could talk to her brother, she is torn on what she would say.

"I think that I would tell him that I love him and that I'll pray for him. I think that's all I can probably say to him."

Cannon was previously employed at the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office and a police force in Loudon County.