Students at Rockwood High School have school and Volunteer Spirit

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ROCKWOOD, Tenn. If you head to Roane County you'll find a lot of Tigers. Rockwood High School Tigers. Wearing green and full of school pride, they also bring the Volunteer Spirit.

Most libraries are supposed to be quiet places to study. Not at Rockwood High School. This group of kids is the Beta Club.

Right now some are putting together decorations for a prom at a local nursing home.

"They really love when we come there and help them out. It really puts a smile on their face, and that's really fun to do," says Case Miller, a senior at Rockwood High who's also the club's treasurer.

Others are working on a different project.

"I just made a thank you bag for the cops, the police officers, and 'Cop-Corn,'" says senior Tristan Mayton.

"I just think it's a good opportunity to give back what people are doing for us. If we have the time we should make time to do stuff for other people," says junior Brittany Gann.

This is not an easy club to join. All students, sophomores to seniors must have a 90% grade average, put in 20 hours of community service, and be in good standing with their teachers.

"I want them to leave knowing that they have done something important in school besides the obvious, which is keep their grades up, and go to college, and find great careers. I want them to take away a love for community service and giving back to where they're from," says Jessica Alred, the club's sponsor and a teacher at Rockwood High.

"We've done nursing home visits, and we've made cards for the nursing home. We've done Relay for Life, and we've done food drives. We've done all kinds of community service projects," says sophomore Triston Sander.

Every student has a favorite thing about being in Beta Club.

"I like being able to do service projects and give back to our community," says Sander.

All of this work pays off whether it be with a successful prom for seniors or goodie bags for local police.

"They are absolutely fantastic. We love them. They love us. They work so hard to make sure that this club goes smoothly," says Sander.

The Beta Club also helps out at Relay for Life, and in other areas of their community.