Ten new details about Face ID on Apple's iPhone X

(CBS) -- Here are ten new details about Apple's facial recognition feature which will be included on the iPhone X.

If you are curious about how to unlock your phone using Face ID or apprehensive about the feature, CBS News has some answers to your questions.

First, it is advised that you do not let anyone under 13 years old use Face ID. Besides parental security concerns, it is difficult for machines to recognizes child faces, and therefore, Apple does not recommend them using it.

Even if you use Face ID, you will still need a regular passcode which is required after restart or five false tries. This means that if your Face ID fails, you'll need to enter a passcode. You'll need a regular passcode to unlock the phone if it has been locked for 48 hours or to change the Face ID.

Face ID needs your eyes open and pointed at the phone to unlock. However, Apple states that this can be changed in the phone's settings.

The facial recognition feature will work with "scarves, hats, glasses, contact lenses and many sunglasses." However, Face ID should not work with photos or masks. Apple says that it protects against that type of spoofing.

Face ID data is only stored on the iPhone's secure enclave chip.

Apple says that, for security purposes, the TrueDepth camera randomizes its scans and image-capturing and infrared dot pattern each time it's used. This is to prevent spoofing as well.

Passwords and apps that use Touch ID will automatically be able to add Face ID authorization.

Before using Face ID with Apple Pay, you will have to double click the side button. CBS says this is how you indicate you want to buy something.

Apple won't use your face data unless you sign up for Face ID Diagnostics. You can request Face ID Diagnostics in the settings which shows a way that photos can be uploaded to Apple. However, before any photos are uploaded, they are shown to the user.