Made in Tennessee: Tennessee Barrel Stoves

Knoxville, Tennessee John D. King calls himself an avid camper and hiker. One day, however, he realized campers like himself had needs on the trail that had not yet been developed.

"There has to be a better way for certain components for people who hike and camp and get outdoors," King thought.

He found there was a big need for compact camping stoves, so he founded Tennessee Barrel Stoves.

All the stoves were designed as wood-burning, and they all double as a way to cook food and even heat water for bathing.

"We incorporated a removable cook lid that has our initials, this way someone could place a skillet or pot directly on the flame," said King.

The premiere stove model works on a hinged system, so that the legs fold up into a convenient and collapsible item.

His units come in different sizes with many add-ons, such as hot plates and special attachments that latch in place to ensure heat exits from the stove and the exhaust at the same time. Add-ons also include a unique light bulb with a built-in hanger so that it can be hung inside a tent, and a USB port to charge everything using a mini solar panel.

To find a complete list of all products available, visit the website.