Tennessee Beer Run sharing travels at Pretentious Beer Co.

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KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) - The Tennessee Beer Run crossed the state earlier this year, traveling 1,500 miles in 21 days to visit all 76 breweries in the state of Tennessee.

Now, the craft beer aficionado behind the trip is sharing his travels with the public in a mini-series beginning Tuesday at Pretentious Beer Co. in the Old City.

"If you've ever wanted to visit all the breweries in Tennessee but you can't, this is an opportunity for you to do it in a digital way," said Zack Roskop, the man behind the Tennessee Beer Run and owner of Knox Brew Tours.

During his travels, Roskop said that he learned the history behind the breweries — interesting details like how they got their name, or why they make the brews they do. Roskop said that he loves craft beer, and wanted to take that passion and explore the state to promote its craft brew offerings.

He said that he documented the entire trip on video, and is showing the videos at Pretentious. Each video will cover one day of travel, and Roskop plans to show two videos each Tuesday at 6 p.m. The series will continue for eight weeks until all 21 days of the trip is covered.

Did Roskop find a new favorite beer during his travels?

"It's really not possible to have a favorite," Roskop said. "But what I can tell you — my 76 favorite places to drink beer in the state of Tennessee."