The Hinkley Brothers making their dream come true with hard work and sweat

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POWELL, Tenn. (WVLT) -- You may have heard the saying "Dreams don't work unless you do." So how much work would you put in to make your dreams a reality?

One group is are willing to work their way into the top of the charts.

A peaceful and calm morning is soon disrupted by men at work.

"We're really good at tearing things apart. As you can see this house looks like a bomb has gone off in it," says Derek Hinckley.

Three guys that didn't meet at a job site. You could say they were born to do this.

"We're brothers, we're family, and we usually work together pretty well," says Nathan Hinckley.

The house they're tearing up from the inside is not theirs. It's a remodel job.

All of the measuring, the sawing, and the nailing is part of a Kickstarter campaign. Donations were given in exchange for labor. One donor has the brothers working to open up the floor plan of his house, other donors got pirate ship playgrounds, also built by the brothers.

When they're not working on a job, they're playing music at their parents basement in Powell. They are The Hickley Brothers band.

They don't quit and they live life to the fullest. Much like a song they're putting out on a new album. It's called Quitter.

"We're not really Bro Country,' says Derek.

"Although we are bro's singing country," says the youngest brother Spencer.

"We're the new bro country. How about that," says Derek in a chuckle.

These brothers are using the kick starter funds to put out a real, Nashville produced country album. They even have the album cover picked out.

"This album is completely different from anything else we've done because our budget on all the other albums we've done has been zero," says Spencer.

These three Eagle Boy Scouts thank their father who taught them to love music and work hard.

"First of all our dad is also an Eagle Scout, and he was one of our scout leaders growing up. For me it's always been something that proves to myself and to other people that we finish what we start. That we're not a quitter," says Nathan.

Their lives flow through their music.

"They're songs about family and about freedom and about many things that just kind of make up your life and make it rich," says Derek.

Songs like 'Po Dunk.

"Mama's looking good with the jeans all ripped.
Baby in the belly and a baby on the hip."

Those are the lyrics to the song.

"For the normal person our stuff is right up everyone's alley, because there's something for everybody. It's something everyone can relate to in real life," says Spencer.

"I told you everyone can relate to that! That song steers up to the holler, up to Claiborne County where he lives. Mostly from up there," add the other two brothers Nathan and Derek.

Carrie Underwood even lends a song she's written to the new album.

"We never thought we'd get to that point, but we're happy to do it. Anytime she wants to write a song for us, hey!"

When it comes to accomplishing goals these brothers are set to work for their success.

"I don't think there's another band in the history of the universe that has paid for their record this way."

"We're seriously going out on a ledge. We're going to make this album, and then start pitching it to the big leagues," says Derek.

While the noise seems harsh if you listen close enough you'll hear the sound of something great ready to be discovered.

The Hinckley Brothers album is in post production. They will pitch that to major record labels in the following weeks. A local band going big time is always good for East Tennessee.