The 'most boring places' in Tennessee ranked

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There’s no denying it: there are plenty of places in Tennessee that are downright beautiful and full of excitement.

Unfortunately, not all towns and cities in TN are so lucky.

Just like in all U.S. States, there are definitely some boring places within Tennessee’s borders. You know the places: the ones where everyone has an AARP card and the most exciting thing they do all day is post a picture of their grandchild on Facebook.

Like Forest Hills, for instance. In our latest analysis, we found that this city was the most boring city in all of Tennessee. But don’t feel bad if you’re a resident of Forest Hills. There are plenty of other boring, lackluster places in Tennessee as well.

Here they are. Try not to jump out of your seat with excitement:

1. Forest Hills
2. Walden
3. Pegram
4. Oak Hill
5. Sweetwater
6. Estill Springs
7. Centerville
8. Caryville
9. Plainview
10. Ridgetop

Before you get all upset if your city’s name is on the list, rest assured that we didn’t use personal opinion when it comes to what classifies a city or town as “boring” or “exciting”. We crunched actual numbers to figure out which towns are statistically more boring.

By the way, where are the most exciting cities in Tennessee? They are Martin, Knoxville, Cookeville, Nashville and Murfreesboro. That sounds about right.