What's next for Knoxville's homeless after camp demolished?

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT)-- A Knoxville homeless camp was demolished last week and left many with no place to call home. "What do you do? Put them in the forest?
They're human beings," one woman asked.

Dozens were left under the overpass that was normally congested with those suffering from homelessness.

Justin Foster, who helps the homeless, said, "Everywhere. Magnolia; just scattered."

Some said the homeless population went farther up North Broadway and also around Summit Hill.

City officials said heaps of garbage, even human waste left poor conditions for the community off North Broadway.

Others said it was a move that needed to happen, with neighbors also left to bear the bad living conditions.

Knox Area Rescue Ministries, across the street, housed 400 with emergency beds, but they had an interview process in place that checked for anyone on the sex offender registry and other restrictions.

Knoxville's 10-year plan to end chronic homeless started back in 2006, but collapsed after public opposition.

The city moved forward with the Office of Homelessness. They approved $500,000 for a homeless park to be built under the overpass. It's meant to include benches, bathrooms and social security workers to help connect homeless people with resources.

The money was approved by city council in September. $90,000 of that sum would also be used for an improved intake system to better track the homeless population with profiles.