Butch Jones responds to concussion allegations

At a time when the Vols didn't need any more controversy a report surfaced that claimed Tennessee's staff knowingly played Brett Kendrick with a concussion.

“He is resting in a dark room. He doesn’t remember anything about the second half of the game”. A text reportedly received by The Read Optional reads. “They left him in until the last 22 seconds and only pulled him out because he finally threw up on the sideline.”

Butch Jones responded to those allegations on Wednesday, relying on John Currie's statement and adding that, "We would never knowingly put a student athlete in harms way, our medical staff has full authority on removing players from competition and return them to competition, I have absolutely no say in these decisions."

When asked if the SEC medical official on site for the Kentucky game was contacted by any member of the Vols medical staff Jones replied, "I don't know, that's up to our medical people in our athletic department"

Kendrick will not play against Southern Miss on Saturday.