Inside of Knoxville: New lofts and condos coming to Old City

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT)- Many of you know the Old City as the place for nightlife in downtown Knoxville. But we're seeing a shift more recently.

This week's "Inside of Knoxville" with Alan Sims, we're talking about the changes coming to the Old City.

Soon, there will be more people calling the Old City home. Two new construction sites together will house hundreds of new residents.

The Crozier Building(where Big Don's used to be at the corner of Willow and Central) will be a new site for condos and retail.

Behind that will be the Stockyard Lofts.

"The unusually shaped parcel is bounded by Willow, James White Parkway, the rear of the buildings along east Central and Jackson Avenue where a sliver extends out beside Barley's," said Sims.

An odd shaped lot but will be another new place to live for more than two hundred people.

"If you look at an aerial map of downtown Knoxville you'll see far more surface parking lots than buildings which is very sad ... what's happen to the fabric of the city. So, the exciting thing is that we are undoing a lot of that damage we're reconstructing," said Sims about the new construction.

Designers tell Sims they hope to begin construction in 2018 and complete the project by 2019.

The Crozier building is hoped to be finished mid to late 2017.