Pinspiration: DIY rock picture holder

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT)- Many of you come back from a beach vacation with a souvenir, sometimes that's a seashell or a cool rock from a hike somewhere.

What do you actually do with those? This is one idea. Make it into a picture holder.

Here's what you need:

Rock or seashell (size depends on the size of the photo)

Medium copper jewelry wire

A pair of pliers

Picture of your choice

Paint if you want to decorate the rock or seashell


If you're wanting to paint the rock or seashell do that first and let it dry

Next, you'll take the wire and wrap it around the shell or rock and leave a longer piece sticking up

Take your pliers and make a pretzel shape at the top of the longer piece, that's where you can place your photo.