Wallet Wednesday: Back-to-school 'swapping'

Photo: Ty Hatch / CC BY 2.0

If you haven't done your back to school shopping yet or maybe there are few more things you need to get, you may want to check your home first.

A study by Bankrate says parents spend an average of 670 dollars on one kid to get them ready to head back to school.

Local 8 News Anchor Casey Wheeless spoke with the experts for some tips on how to save money:

Start with an inventory of your child's closet. Use a check list like this one.

In each column write what you have, how many you have and what you need. This will help you stay on budget and prevent overspending on clothes.

Then, instead of going to the store for new things try a clothing swap. Have you ever tried a clothing swap? Make it fun. Invite over fellow parents and swap out clothes. Things your children have outgrown may be a brand new welcomed gift to your friends and vice versa.

If you do need to buy from the store look online first and compare prices and sales. You may even be able to get rebates if you use websites like Ebates.