$1 Million lawsuit against All Kreatures following family pet's death

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A family left for vacation and thought they were leaving a beloved pet in good hands. When they returned to learn of an accident, their opinion of a local kennel completely changed.

Earlier this Summer, a Dandridge couple boarded their 15 year-old pomeranian Molly with a kennel on Lovell Road.

That West Knoxville kennel is All Kreatures off Lovell Road. All Kreatures promised Lisa Ready they would keep Molly separate from other animals.

Several days into Ready's vacation, she got a voicemail that Molly had died. When Ready called back, they told her Molly was still alive but had a broken leg.

All Kreatures took Molly to her Dandridge vet, the vet told Lisa her dog was in a coma then died. All Kreatures later told the Ready family that Molly's injuries were due to a fight with two other dogs.

Lisa Ready's Attorney Tom Ramsey says, "They get a call from the vet saying Molly had extensive injuries like a broken back, a dislocated back, and gaping wounds. We don't know now what's going on because the story changes. First the story was that Molly passed away, then her leg was broken, then she was attacked by two dogs. How did she get attacked by two dogs when she was supposed to be by herself."

Ramsey, on behalf of the Ready family, has filed a one million dollar lawsuit for compensatory and punitive damages. We called All Kreatures and they told us it was an unfortunate accident and they're sad this happened. Now we're waiting on All Kreatures' attorney to respond to the lawsuit and see where it goes from there.