10 minute workouts effective during busy holidays

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KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) It's tough to get a workout in during this busy time of year. Many make excuses, but fitness experts say anything's better than nothing.

They say 10 minutes can kick start your metabolism so you'll burn more calories all day. It'll also help you look and feel your best to survive this busy time of year.

That's why we're taking a cue from fitness experts who say some movement is better than none.

Instructors at Barre3 Knoxville encourage clients to do three to four 10 minute workouts throughout their day.

"It's easy to do. You know, it helps your metabolic rates stay high so you're burning calories. And it's just great for your body to move as much as you possibly can," said Barre3 Knoxville co-owner Pace McCamy.

By working 3 to 4 of those in each day, you're still getting at least 30 minutes of fitness.

Many Barre3 clients turn to an online database of 10 minute workouts. But instructors say whether its squats at your desk or a little bit of movement while you stand in line at the grocery store, just get moving.

"You know, it's so important because stress affects your body so significantly, and so it's important to take care of you during this busy time when you're trying to take care of everyone else," said McCamy.

So when an hour long fitness class or 30 minute trip to the gym seems out of the question, try getting it in 10 minutes at a time. Do some when you first wake up, take a couple of breaks at your desk and sneak another 10 minutes in before cooking dinner.

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