Folks in Harriman Pray For Our Students, Teachers

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Harriman (WVLT) - They may not have been there to hear it, but every East Tennessee student and teacher had prayers said for them Wednesday night. More than 100 of the Christian faithful gathered in Roane County for the first prayer walk at Harriman High School.

Volunteer TV's Mike McCarthy was with them every step of the way.

Organizers picked September 26th because it's national "See You At The Pole Day." That's when Christian students meet before school to pray at the flagpole, but one Harriman High junior decided to take god inside the school. With the principal's permission, they let out tears and prayers for you.

"Tears of joy, but tears of hope as well," teacher Delores Bennet said.

Bible in hand, school teacher Delores Bennet can't contain her joy.

"I was so happy when I saw everyone praying," Bennet said.

Down every hall, in every classroom, on the first ever Prayer Walk at Harriman High School.

"I prayed for all the students. That they would have the strength to say no to whatever is not right," Bennet said.

The faithful came by the van load from Cardiff Baptist Church in Rockwood and across East Tennessee. More than 100 hands and hearts held in prayer.

"Because we care. Because we believe that Jesus in lord and that he belongs in this school," participant Theda Morrow said.

So much that the church canceled Wednesday night's worship service to bring God everywhere from the classroom to the football field.

"It's important for us to get outside of our church walls and show the community that we care about them, their needs," pastor Matt Cannon said.

Harriman High cheerleader Rachel Stafford became a cheerleader for Christ Wednesday night. She organized and led every step of the walk.

"I think every school needs to be prayed for," Stafford said.

Each desk touched with a prayer of hope...

"Hope that we'll have a brighter future for our kids today," Bennet said.

Each step on mission of love.

"Just to touch somebody. It doesn't matter who, just to touch somebody," Stafford said.

Bennet's prayers have already been answered.

"Sometimes when I'm praying I'm worried if God's listening to me. When I saw all those people praying I realized that I'm not alone," Bennet said.

Or ever again.

Organizers say they felt blessed by the large turnout, and they're planning on doing it again next year. Until then, they want to organize other walks at schools throughout the county.

By the way, they got the idea after going on a similar walk at Walnut Hill Elementary school a month ago.

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