Mandatory Water Restrictions in Maryville and Alcoa

Blount County (WVLT) - After weeks of pleading with the public to cut back on their water usage and no rain, the Cities of Maryville and Alcoa have announced a mandatory water reduction plan.

Officials say lower than normal rainfall and the low level of the Little River is forcing them to implement the restrictions.

The restrictions apply to Maryville and Alcoa water customers, Tuckaleechee Utility District, and the Stock Creek area of Knox Chapman Utility District.

Maryville's City Manager, Greg McClain, says they're implementing a city ordinance that states water supplied to customers of the system can not be used for non-essential purposes, like water trees, lawns, gardens, washing cars or filling swimming pools.

If you are caught no complying, you can be cited for $50 plus court costs and possibly termination of water service.

Alcoa enacted a similar ordinance, that calls for mandatory water conservation by their residential and commercial customers.

People caught violating the ordinance could face up to a $50 fine and also face termination of their water service.

The cities' are also stopping irrigation of public facilities, schools, businesses, and industries.

They're also asking for voluntary cutbacks of water usage at car wash facilities, nurseries, landscapers, and stores that sell plants and other vegetation.

The mandatory water restrictions are in effect until further notice.

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