Skaggs takes another turn on his musical journey

HENDERSONVILLE, Tenn. (AP) -- Bluegrass icon Ricky Skaggs hopes fans of that genre stay with him when they hear his new album "Mosaic."

Whether they come along or not, Skaggs says he had to record it. He said he came in to work on the new recording and realized it was working on him.

Co-producer Gordon Kennedy recalls looking up, expecting Skaggs to be at the microphone during a session, to find him on his knees crying over the lyrics to one of the songs.

Skaggs has always been a man moved by religion, but his beliefs have rarely imbued his work with the kind of magic "Mosaic" did.

Instead of the "high lonesome" cry of bluegrass, sometimes the songs have lush instrumentation, electric guitar and drums.

Guest spots include George Beverly Shea and Peter Frampton.

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