UPDATE: Maryville Water Restrictions Begin Today

Maryville (WVLT) There are more water restrictions in Blount County.

These will temporarily shut down some businesses.

Volunteer TV's Blount County Bureau Chief Stephen McLamb has more on who's affected.

All commercial car washes, even those at convenience stores are shut down.

All nurseries and landscapers must stop watering.

Some department stores, and all industries will need to cut back, as well.

On Friday Maryville officials placed mandatory restrictions on homeowners using outside water.

But after a dry weekend and continued decreasing flow rates of Little River where the city gets its water, they met again.

This time placing five percent reductions on non-health related industries and some commercial businesses.

Jeff Rose, the Maryville Water Quality Control Director says, "and we also eliminate all commercial car washes, all commercial plant watering, any non essential use that is outside."

That could be a huge concern for some nurseries like Out of Eden.

Gary Bridenbaugh, the owner says, "$50,000 dollars worth of plant material at least here on the yard and we would be scrambling to do something."

Lucky for his business, he installed a back-up last year.

"Probably $10-$15,000 dollar investment to drill a deep well and pump house that has worked out real well for us."

But many businesses don't have a back-up.

City officials say they are buying more than a million gallons a day from South Blount Water.

Rose says, "we definitely cannot supply the irrigation demand from out of the river and from south blount. We don't have enough supply for that.

A sunny week is planned so local officials are not optimistic.

But if there is a bright spot, the city will not have to cut its pumps off if the river continues to fall because of the endangered pig toe pearly mussel.

Rose continues, "we have had indications from the state that we will be able to continue pumping below that and still not endanger the species."

Alcoa city officials also approved those restrictions this afternoon.

• Car washing facilities must cease operations. This includes convenience stores with car washing operations.
• Nurseries and landscaping facilities must cease irrigation. This includes other businesses that sell live plants in addition to other goods.
• Mandatory cutbacks of at least 5% of daily consumption by large industrial customers and large non-residential/non-health care commercial customers
• All of Phase II provisions for residential customers (irrigation of residential and business properties prohibited and car washing at residences prohibited.)

Alcoa Restrictions Effective at Midnight 10/3/07:
Lawn and landscape watering is banned at all times.

Washing of vehicles by residents, commercial car washes, dealerships and other businesses is prohibited. This includes washing of fleet trucks, cars, and all other vehicles, including all recreational vehicles.

Filling and refilling of swimming pools and hot tubs is prohibited.

New landscaping installed prior to October 1 may be eligible for a limited exemption from these restrictions. Customers seeking an exemption may contact the City’s Planning and Codes Department at 865-380-4730. If the water level continues to decline, these exemptions may be withdrawn.

Email Maryville with your questions: mpdwater@ci.maryville.tn.us

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