Maryville Water Restrictions Hitting Wallets Hard

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Maryville (WVLT) The water restrictions in Maryville and Alcoa are already costing some businesses money.

Volunteer TV's Blount County Bureau Chief Stephen McLamb has more.

These restrictions are a first time owner for people that have grown up here.

And Alcoa water business customers begin restrictions tonight at midnight.

But for landscapers and car wash owners, they're now concerned with how hard it's going to hit their wallet.

On a normal sunny day, a vacant car wash is a very strange sight.

But water restrictions at Maryville car washes are shut down.

With just hours before a Tuesday at midnight deadline for restrictions, residents are hitting alcoa car washes one last time.

Marilyn Moore, who got one last car wash says, "the reason I did it today, is because we're not allowed to do it at home. And if I can get it just one time washed, the car washed, I was going to do it today."

The restrictions are also hitting landscapers.

Rodney Murphy, owner of Murphy's Bobcat says, "we do maybe about 5 to 6 yards a week. We've been doing about 5 to 6 yards a month."

Murphy seeded a lawn last week.

He expects the restrictions to kill it.

"The homeowners started to water it some, ya know, and then they shut them off from that. So they'll be lucky if the wind don't blow the straw off it."

Even some businesses that don't use outside water are affected.

The local co-op sells the grass seed to the landscapers.

Alex Anderson says, "there defiantly down. This is a prime time to be seeding the lawn. its really hurting our business right now."

The restrictions are sure to be a financial blow to some businesses and some residents know it might be a long time before they get a car wash.

Leslie Smith says, "well I don't know. I guess when it rains I will wash it, when it rains. "

Maryville officials say they are already giving out warnings to residents.

But its not just residents getting warnings.

Public information officer Pam Arnett say two local fast food restaurants got a warning today.

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