Knox Commissioners React To Open Records Lawsuit Ruling

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Knoxville (WVLT) The verdict has some Knox County Commissioners accepting it, others still denying they did anything wrong.

Volunteer TV's Mike McCarthy spoke with them just after the verdict was read.

Some commissioners says the verdict came as no surprise.

And today was the time to say two words: I'm sorry.

But the commissioner that's not saying much at all is the man that was at the center of much of the testimony.

Chairman Scott Moore 's not issuing any comment.

And he hung up the phone on us during an interview.

Commissioner Greg "Lumpy" Lambert took the stand during the trial about his phone conversations with other commissioners.

He says the commission could re-gain the public's trust by holding more public meetings.

He suggests holding a meeting every week.

He says that would make the commission more transparent and give you more time to join conservations.

"There was never anything inappropriate about my conversations on the telephone or otherwise, but the public wants to be more involved in that. I think to accommodate that we need to add some more meetings."

Commissioner R. Larry Smith says the verdict's divided the commission.

"I just rode down the elevator with a commissioner that was telling me, he was denying stuff. And I was like, you must be on mars. A lot of them are in denial."

Commissioners now say the focus should move to proving the public can trust the commission again.

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