Blount Water Woes Worse Than Expected

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MARYVILLE (WVLT) The city of Maryville is making an emergency appeal to the state to continue pumping water after a calibration of the water gauge showed the Little River's flow rate is slower than previously thought.

Volunteer TV's Stephen McLamb reports.

The city pulls its water from the Little River, which showed a flow rate of 38 cubic feet per second two days ago.

US officials recalibrated that water gauge tuesday, which now shows a flow rate of just 32, which is a huge concern.

Maryville city officials began putting residents, then business owners who use outside water, on mandatory restrictions when the water flow rate reached 40, then 38 respectively.

If that number dipped to 37, city officials are required to seek special permission to pump because of an endangered mussel.

Tuesday's recalibration sent city officials scrambling to get that special permission.

"Because we had to let them know that we reached the critical point and we're waiting to see if they give us any additional requirements. that's what we don't know," City of Maryville Public Information Officer Pam Arnett said. "We had what they told us we needed to do in order to pump, even though we got below that."

For now, they will continue to pump until city officials hear from the state.

Because there was such a large difference, Maryville city officials are asking for another recalibration.