Search For UT Robbery Suspects

Knoxville (WVLT) - UT Police have issued alert while continuing to search for five armed robbery suspects on the loose after an armed robbery of a student Tuesday night.

The crime happened just before 10:00 p.m. at the corner of 20th Street and Caledonia Avenue.

Volunteer TV's Lauren Davis tells us students are on high alert after the robbery.

Tekeshia King walks down 18th Street on campus daily and several times a week alone at night. "It's pretty safe. I haven't heard of anything happening until recently."

On Wednesday, police covered UT campus with these fluorescent yellow flyers alerting students an 18 year old freshman was robbed by five black men with a gun.

This is the second armed robbery on campus this year.

The same number as all of last year.

Ut Police Captain Keith Lambert says, "It's a very rare occurrence for something to happen on campus or near campus."

UT Police say they have stepped up patrols on campus in high risk areas to protect the 32,000 students.

They offer these tips:
Never walk alone at night, and if you are confronted, do like tuesday's victim did, give the suspects what they want.

Captain Lambert says, "No property is worth losing your life over."

And as Tekeshia King will be doing, keep an extra eye out looking for anything suspicious, "I'll be cautions of my surroundings."

If you have any information about the robbery contact UT Police at 974-3114 or Knoxville Police at 215-7212.

The only description police have of the suspect is black males wearing blue jeans and white t-shirts.

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